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[手機資訊] HTC 10 在中國僅賣出251台

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中國版HTC 10即LifeStyle在換用了驍龍652之後遭遇不少非議,國外網友也注意到這一點,今天,多個外媒刊文報導此事。

按照Focus的統計,HTC 10在最大的兩個電商網站天貓和京東的合計預定量目前只有251部,可謂悽慘。


Android Authority:
Aweso:So they turned their expensive high end phone into a very expensive mid-ranger...(不考慮後果的把旗艦變成了超級貴的中階機……)
Goran:To be honest....that 10(sd820) is the best htc phone in 2 years and only one worth even mentioning. And least overpriced of them all. Compare A9, X9 or terrible one S9....10 is cheap for htc standards.:)(HTC 10是兩年多來最好的HTC手機,想想看A9、S9這些坑錢手機,難道HTC 10稱不上良心嗎?PS:這位看來是腸粉,但你也強調是驍龍820版,中國版可不是
Minh Ngo:Selling a flagship with toned down hardware always gets backlash from the press and buyers.(把旗艦機降規格的做法通常沒有好結果

Reza.N:It's beacause they don't like the lifestyle version.they want the Snapdragon 820 version(他們就是想要驍龍820版而已
Flame_Hunter:I think it's not the main reason, chinese people are not so much interested from any product that came from outside china, there are a lot to Chinese oem from mainland china that are more cheap than the one stated in the article.(中國人似乎對國際牌子都看不大上眼
zunaidahmed:Chinese people only know 3 brands, Guochan(local brand is Chinese pinyin), Sanxing (Samsung) and pingguo( Apple ), unless you ask someone with a deep knowledge in tech in China, or this is the only three (technically more the 3) that exists there(中國人只知道中國廠商、三星和蘋果
manojmcn:HTC - Heading Towards Collapse :((HTC,走向滅亡





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